Friday, September 30, 2011

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea Handler, et al

It's a wonder Chelsea Handler still has friends...

   Chelsea Handler is one tricky bitch!  For her most recent book, Ms. Handler asked her friends to write essays about memorable moments they've shared together.  And by memorable moments I mean all the times she lied to or played tricks on them.  From embarrassing emails to elaborate, ongoing schemes, Chelsea Handler's idea of a joke is pretty intense.  It seems that her favorite thing to do is to spread rumors (especially around the workplace).  She might tell people that someone they all know and love is pregnant, gay, a gambling/drug addict, mentally challenged, or that they have a wooden leg.  Anything goes, really.

    But interestingly enough, Chelsea's friends all seem to completely adore her.  Perhaps they are contractually obligated to throw in a few kind words on Chelsea's behalf, but it seemed pretty genuine to me.  Right after they tell you the harrowing tale of how Chelsea Handler almost ruined their lives, the story is followed up by a gushing review of her true personality.  According to her friends, Chelsea Handler is probably the most generous, loyal friend you could ever have, and if she lies to you or deceives you, it is only her way of saying that she cares deeply for you.  It's kind of backwards, but if you've read any of her other books or watch her show on a regular basis, you'll know that this is actually a pretty accurate portrayal.

    I read this book on my nook out loud to my husband (we've read all her books together), and while it was definitely funny, it didn't pack the same punch of her other memoirs.  Perhaps this is because each chapter is written by a different person, so the writing styles are somewhat disjointed.  I love hearing Chelsea Handler stories, and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't jump at the opportunity to hang out with that crazy lady, but I guess I just prefer Chelsea's own narration style.