Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

Now that the Holiday season has officially begun, it's time to start thinking about buying presents. Gifts may not be the reason for the season but we all know how important the perfect gift is.  So here's my gift-giving advice for those of you who have serious book lovers on your list!

Antiquarian Bookplates 

 Not everyone likes bookplates, but I have hundreds and hundreds of books, so I use them a lot to identify the ones that I own...comes in handy when you lend as many books as I do. Plus, these are fancy!  Amazon has tons of different designs if you don't like these, and Barnes & Noble carries a few bookplate designs in stores too.

Decorative Bookends

I love these Birdcage bookends, and I actually ordered a similar pair from Amazon and they are really beautiful and sturdy.  Bookends come in so many different designs which makes them perfect gifts, because you can personalize them with anyone's style.  There are all kinds of animal bookends (cats, dogs, lions, tigers, bears, you know...), but they also come in just about any shape and size imaginable so they can be great gifts for someone who is hard to buy for.

Floating Bookshelves

Barnes & Noble makes these amazing floating bookshelves, and I have 5 of them in my living room and we get more compliments on them than any other decorative piece in our home.  These are super cheap (about 10 dollars for the small size) and they hold 7-12 books apiece.  I recommend the small version because they fit most standard hardcovers, whereas the large size requires a much bigger book (coffee-table sized) at the bottom of the pyramid.  These are super easy to install and look great in any home.  Just make sure you have a level before installing them.  Available at

Bookmarker Pens

These Bookmarker Pens attach to the edge of a page and lay almost completely flat in a book.  As an undergrad studying Literature I used these things all the time.  They're perfect for those who like to underline passages.  Plus, they're only $4.95 on so they can make great stocking-stuffers.


Ok maybe I'm a little partial to nook because I worked at B&N for nearly 4 years, but I have the Simple Touch nook and I absolutely love it.  It's lightweight, easy to use, and comes with B&N tech support, which means that if you don't know how to use it or have problems with it, you can take the device to any B&N store for help.  You can't say that about all e-readers.  Plus, Consumer Reports loves the Simple Touch nook, and B&N just reduced the price to $99 which makes it pretty affordable!