Monday, July 18, 2011

Reading Vacations recently posted an article about what sounds like THE BEST VACATION EVER!  According to Laura Miller, more and more people are taking "reading retreats," which are vacations that are taken for the specific purpose of holing yourself up and reading as much as possible. Ummm....I want this! I know I just got back from vacation and all, but (like this time), I did not get as much read as I had planned.  It would be great to take a break from everything, head to a cabin or a nice bed and breakfast and just read for a week (and maybe eat, too), but at the same time, I might feel a little guilty about it, too.  After all, for those of us who are on limited budgets and only get to take a vacation once a year (or less), it seems wasteful to travel without seeing as much as possible of your vacation spot.  But the article did mention that the best time to do this is in the winter or fall, when you're not tempted to spend as much time outside.  And for me, I would want to go somewhere that is pretty isolated - maybe a cabin in the woods or even a beach in the fall would be nice since you wouldn't be tempted to swim or tan.  But either way, I would still need to go somewhere that at least has wifi, a coffee shop, book store, and restaurants within a reasonable driving distance.  Maybe someday I'll be a rich librarian and can afford such luxuries as reading retreats.