Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On the Horizon: Looking Forward to New Fiction

It's sunny and 75 degrees in East Tennessee today, which means I've got Spring Fever.  I've also come down with a bad case of Spring Reading Fever, which means I want to read EVERYTHING!  It's hard not to feel this way when there are so many great new releases on the horizon, so I thought I'd put together a little list of new releases I'm looking forward to this spring.

The Vanishers - Heidi Julavitz
Released 3/13/12

Julia, a psychic detective, is haunted by her mother's suicide and must use both her physical and mental powers to shed light on the mysterious circumstances of her mother's death while simultaneously fighting off mental attacks from her psychic mentor.  Who wouldn't want to indulge in this new book that has been deemed "bizarre," "quirky," "dark," and "hilarious" by Amazon critics?

The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker
Release Date: 6/26/12

In The Age of Miracles, the world wakes up one day to find that the Earth's rotation has slowed for some reason.  Eventually, the days get longer and longer, gravity changes, the environment is in shambles, and a young girl is coming of age in the midst of global disaster.  This book has received amazing reviews from U.K. book critics and has already won an award!

The Land of Decoration - Grace McCleen
Release Date: 3/27/12

Another book that has already been released (and received great reviews) in the U.K., The Land of Decoration is about a 10-year-old girl named Judith whose life revolves around the anticipation of the Biblical End of Days.  All of this is quite stressful for young Judith, so she takes solace in building her own miniature version of the Promised Land. Eventually she comes to believe that, through her miniature world, she can perform great miracles (or disasters) in the real world. Check out the creepy/cool book trailer to get a better idea of this wonderful weirdness:

Dare Me - Megan Abbott
Release Date: 7/31/12

Ok I know this is technically a summer release rather than a spring release, but I'm still excited about this book and you never know....sometimes these release dates get moved up.  Megan Abbott's new novel is about a high school cheerleading coach, Colette, who is new to the school and immediately thrust into controversy when a suicide leads police to investigate her and the rest of the cheerleading team.  This plot line wouldn't normally get my attention, but Megan Abbott can write the shit out of a novel, so I'll read pretty much anything she touches.