Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creepers by David Morrell

   If you ever thought it might be fun to explore an abandoned building, Creepers will make you think again.  While they prefer to call themselves "Urban Explorers," creepers are people who like to roam abandoned old buildings - not to take anything, just to observe.  They have an obsession with the past, and for them, entering old empty structures is like entering a time capsule.

   In this novel, five people conspire to explore the Paragon hotel - an abandoned building that was once an extravagant hotel often frequented by celebrities, mobsters, and other rich and powerful people.  Even though these creepers are well-practiced and experienced, they did not anticipate the fact that the Paragon Hotel is not as empty as they first presumed.  They could have never imagined the horrors that await them in the once majestic building that time forgot.

   I read most of this book in one sitting with my feet tucked underneath me.  It is seriously disturbing.  As the creepers fight the evil that reside in the Paragon, they experience a few things that could have come straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film - sadistic, disturbing things that would render the majority of people trembling, mindless versions of themselves.  But (much like Tarantino movies), the villain of Creepers underestimates the victims' will to survive.

   By close to the end of the book, I had my suspicions about what was really going on in this hotel, and while some of them were confirmed, others were completely extinguished by some very unexpected plot twists.  Creepers is a well-organized, successful thriller, but I don't recommend reading it at home alone in one sitting or you may end up like I did - sweaty, nervous, hungry, and stiff from 4 hours of not moving.