Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror by Chris Priestley

Young Edgar will never forget this trip to his uncle's house...

   One day, Edgar decides to visit his elderly uncle who lives a short distance from his home.  The trip brings Edgar through a wooded area, and on the way, Edgar is confronted by strange children.  When he arrives at his uncle's house things get even more sinister.  Uncle Montague lives alone in an old, decrepit house that is filled with strange objects and trinkets.  Soon, Edgar becomes curious about all these peculiar items and he begins to question his uncle about their origin.  But what Edgar could not have predicted is that each item in his uncle's possession has a strange and terrible tale to go along with it.  For the rest of the evening, Edgar listens nervously to Uncle Montague's tales of ghosts, evil genies, curses and death.  But what is even more unsettling are the strange noises and movements that seem to haunt the house, prompting Edgar to inquire about Uncle Montague's own mysterious past.

   These stories were intended to be read by children, but I imagine it would take a rather brave child to endure these tales without being just a little frightened.  Some of them are pretty creepy.  But they have made for interesting bedtime stories for me and my husband over the past week.  These short stories were very entertaining, in that they do not follow the way of traditional fairy tales or cautionary fables.  For children's stories, they're pretty violent and disturbing, and I must admit, I did have a few weird dreams after reading some of them, but overall, it's a quick, entertaining and spooky read.